5 Ways to Reconnect With Family This Summer

Try these tips for summertime fun together

Life can often be very busy, but you don’t want to let this summer pass you by.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our everyday lives, running around with the kids, work, parties and events. Before you know it, months can pass without seeing family. During the pandemic, families were isolated from one another and had limited contact, especially with older generations.

However, as busy as life keeps us in normal times, the importance of close relationships with extended family should not be underestimated. The family bonds between grandparents, siblings, parents, cousins, aunts and uncles is strong, with the familiar tug of commonality and genetics creating lasting relationships.


Rebuild Your Family Bonds

As the pandemic restrictions begin to lift and vaccination is more widespread, summer is the perfect time to reconnect with older family members and renew the connections that may have weakened with lockdowns, social distancing and other pandemic restrictions.

Summertime opens the door to many opportunities for families to reunite in new and exciting ways. Try these ideas to make this season’s get-togethers even more meaningful.


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1. Barbecue, Anyone?

Outdoor events are a great way to reconnect and create new memories. As warmer weather approaches, choose a location where your family can gather, laugh and share common interests. Maybe this is a childhood home, a local park or a recreational facility with specific activities. Pack a picnic lunch, bring out the barbecue, and take this time to break bread with those closest to you. Often, the best stories are shared and memories made over a delicious meal.


2. Plan a Fun Family Hike

Everyone was cooped up for months during the pandemic, unable to enjoy many of the things we loved. A great way to reconnect with family is to plan a hike or walking tour of a local park, neighborhood or nearby garden. While hiking is a great activity to get out in the fresh air and reunite with family, don’t forget to choose appropriate terrain for your oldest and youngest family members. Be sure to plan events taking into consideration everyone’s physical ability level and interests.


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3. Enjoy an Outdoor Movie

Whether you move your big-screen TV outside or attend a local drive-in movie theater, enjoy this time with family while you watch your favorite old movies or the latest releases. Be sure to bring pillows and blankets for extra comfort — and to let your youngest family members fall asleep while the adults catch up. A collection of classic movie candies and popcorn will keep everyone satisfied.


4. Camp Out Under the Stars

Spend some time this summer in the great outdoors around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and enjoying nature. Fishing, canoeing, open-flame cooking and swimming are just some of the great activities that families can engage in as they reconnect and reunite during the day. When the sun begins to set, encourage everyone to share a story around the campfire. Whether spooky or silly, storytelling helps families bond — and some gooey, delicious s’mores certainly won’t hurt the cause!  


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5. Share Family Stories

Every family has a history. That legacy includes all the struggles, successes, failures and changes that have shaped your family into what it is today. It's important to gather and preserve the elder family members' wisdom, their trials and tribulations, and the events that have created a sense of love, unity and inclusion in your family. Knowing your family history has many benefits, starting with bringing you closer together, so be sure to tap into the wisdom of your elders as you reunite this summer.


Preserving Your Family History

No matter your age, interests or abilities, there is a great summer activity for you to enjoy with your extended family. Though life may have been on pause for many months during the pandemic, it’s quickly ramping back up to speed now. Take advantage of this time to reconnect, reunite and learn about your family history while you still can.

And if, in the course of your summer fun, you uncover some amazing family stories and memories, make sure to capture them! StoryTerrace can help you share meaningful events with future generations. Through in-person, video or telephone interviews, one of our writers will guide you through the process of writing your family history or memoir to provide you with a hardbound book that preserves your most cherished memories. 


If you're interested in sharing your family's history but are unsure how to get started, we can pair you with a Story Terrace writer near you. You can also sign up for our newsletter for more helpful writing advice. 


Written by Rachel Arterberry

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