4 Inspirational Reasons to Write Your Biography

There’s this idea that biographies only exist for celebrities, heads of state or the founders of Fortune 500 companies. But that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not your life story is worth telling, then think about this: in your own unique way, you’ve made a meaningful impact on the world around you and touched the lives of those in your orbit.

No matter how small we perceive our actions, their impact on others—and the future—is often much bigger than we can see or understand. Yes, your story is one worth telling. In fact, writing your biography is a powerful experience with benefits that go beyond preserving memories for the next generation (although that’s definitely a compelling reason to put some ink to paper!).

But what exactly are those benefits? We talked to several people who chose to write their life story and found four compelling reasons to start writing yours today.

1. It allows you to leave a written legacy for future generations

Chuck often wished he had a recorded history of his family. After some thought, he decided to do something about it and opted to have his biography written. “I wish my mother and father had done it. I wish my grandfather had done it. We have lots of things we talk about doing. And we never do. And this was one of them.”

Putting your memoirs and life story into words leaves a legacy for generations to come. It becomes a sacred family heirloom that can be passed down for years, helping to strengthen the bond between family members through shared stories, meaningful anecdotes and a narrative rich in details that might have otherwise been forgotten.

It’s also a way of preserving a moment in time, giving future family members a glimpse of what life was like during a particular era.

Chuck, who opted to have his biography ghostwritten, had this to say: “Obviously, one can write [a biography] themselves. But it’s a pretty big task. And you need help—well, at least I did. Seeing this little [Story Terrace] ad prompted me to get going on something that I had thought about. Whether it was a book or recording, I wanted to start as young as I could and remember the things from when I was a young boy right through the end of my life. Their writer Eric did a wonderful job of putting it all together. I think they did a really wonderful job. The quality, the cover, the pages—I’m very impressed with what it is.”

Much like Chuck, many of our customers note how much they enjoy the interview process with a professional writer and that the opportunity to reflect on their life path is a beautiful experience.

2. It helps you connect with your family and friends

The Pepper family wanted to commemorate their patriarch’s 80th birthday in a way that would help them feel closer to him while preserving a piece of family history. “Our oldest son Rick, his wife Patty and their son Rich were talking about my husband’s birthday coming up. And they wanted something special. Our grandson Rich said ‘maybe we can have a book written about Chichi and Pa’s life.’ They researched and found Story Terrace.”

Working on a biography as a family unit can reinforce memories and strengthen bonds—especially when multiple generations are involved. It can be a beautiful shared experience and a powerful way to pass down the family’s legacy from grandparent to grandchild. As the Pepper family recounts: “Things [came] up [during the process] that were very important but kind of got lost in the background. Putting, in many cases, smiles on our faces and laughter in the room.”


3. It gives you an opportunity to reconstruct the narrative of your life

One important benefit of biography writing is the ability to put a traditional story structure on the events of your life by giving them a beginning, middle and end. These events may appear random and unconnected, but thinking about it from that perspective isn’t always beneficial. Psychology Today notes that “it helps to think about how the various events—even the bad ones—have been part of a journey toward the person you want to become. Writing it down or telling it to someone else can help you impose that organization on it, help you identify key events, and even help you just rehearse and remember the details in a way that helps you become the author of your own life.”

Writing a biography about yourself give you a moment to reflect on your life, soaking in the nostalgia and reminiscing on the good times you’ve shared with family and friends.


4. It can be therapeutic

Turns out, writing about yourself is a wonderful form of self-care! Various scientific studies have documented the psychological benefits of journaling. Putting pen to paper serves as an effective form of therapy that can reduce stress, boost cognition and increase creativity. In fact, a study conducted by social psychologist James W. Pennebaker at the University of Texas at Austin found that labeling emotions through writing helps make sense of them and produces a positive outcome.

As Psychology Today notes, “emotional, autobiographical storytelling can be a path to truly owning your story.” And by sharing that story, you can use your experience as a way to help others in a similar situation.

“But wait a second, —I’m no Hemingway.
  I don’t even know where to start.”

Most people are intimidated by the prospect of writing a report, much less a lengthy biography. Reaching out to a ghostwriting service can help you kick start the process with a qualified writer who will help you manage the entire process for you.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of writing your biography? Contact us for a free consultation, or you can sign up for the Story Terrace newsletter for more information.


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