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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Memoir

in 9 Chapters

Why should you read this guide?

  • Use our free resources and templates to plan your memoir: gather your memories and figure out the right structure
  • Learn how to develop a writing habit, overcome writer's block, and develop your own unique style
  • Get inside information on book-production, from editing and proofreading to design and printing

Chapter 1: Organising your memories

In this chapter, we share two free resources to recall and organise your memories: a set of 65 Memory Prompts we use with our customers to kick-start the process, and a Timeline Template you can then use to organise all the information.

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Chapter 2: Structure your story

In this chapter, you’ll learn five different approaches professional authors take to structuring their stories, so you can choose the one most suited to your book.

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Chapter 3: Writing (the nitty gritty!)

Everything’s planned. Now you’ve actually got to start writing. But how will you find the time in your busy schedule? In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create a habit out of writing, as well as developing your own unique writing style.

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Chapter 4: Overcoming writer’s block

It happens even to the best of us. In Chapter 4, learn how to beat writer’s block, so you're fully equipped to fight it off when it comes along.

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Chapter 5: Editing and proofreading

Chances are, you don’t know the difference between editing and proofreading. In this chapter, you'll learn how to edit and proofread your life story, step-by-step.

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Chapter 6: How to digitise your photos

There are four different ways you can convert your old photographs into digital copies for your pages. In this chapter, you’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

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Chapter 7: Designing and printing your book

Chapter 7 reveals all the best design practices to make your book look truly beautiful.

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Chapter 8: How to make your book cover stand out

Make potential readers stop in their tracks! From bold and eccentric, to romantic pastels, create an eye-catching book cover with these ideas.

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Chapter 9: An overview

A quick recap of Chapters 1-8 with all the most valuable bits of information you need. We’ll also give you more of an insight into how we can help!

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Start at the beginning.

Read Chapter 1: Organising Your Memories  


Written by Sarah Evans
Image credits: by Quattrostagioni

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