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Meet our Ghostwriters

Get to know the people behind the books

Everyone has a story to tell. Ghostwriters make it easy to tell that story, so you don’t have to worry about structure, tone, or time. Working with a ghostwriter isn’t just about getting words on paper, however. It’s also about the journey the two of you take together. Sharing your story–or that of a family member–involves dipping into some of the most personal parts of life.

Ghostwriters don’t only record, but they also listen intently, asking leading questions meant to uncover important details and themes that can be used to create a mosaic of imagery. Through the deep communication, the writer can put the storyteller’s stream-of-consciousness puzzle pieces together into a clear narrative. Because of the intimacy of this process, many writers and clients form bonds that last forever.


Video: Celeste Hamilton Dennis on writing for Story Terrace

Story Terrace Writer Celeste Hamilton Dennis, interviewed in the video above, believes, "Every ordinary life is extraordinary."

“My writer was fantastic and very professional. She made me feel like I’d known her my whole life.” Jam Rud

When you hire a ghostwriter, you want to be sure they can tell stories well. A big part of the telling comes from the connection between you and the writer. You don’t need to have everything in common, be the same age, or even come from the same country. It all comes down to feeling comfortable with the person sitting across from you, and that person’s ability to craft a narrative.

Many storytellers aren’t sure how to find a ghostwriter. To ensure our clients get matched with a qualified writer, we recruit through professional and personal networks, professional outreach, MA writing programs, job boards, newspapers, literary agencies, and more. We then vet them through personal and individual video interviews with a Story Terrace editor, and onboard them with our thorough Writers’ Handbook. Our 300-plus writers are located across the country, from coast to coast, in both big cities and small towns. What they share is a passion for helping people capture their life stories.

“This was TEN years in the making for us, and kept going nowhere until we enlisted their help. Months later we have a novella to treasure for generations.” Jeanne Jones

We offer three levels of writers to work with: critically acclaimed, junior, and senior. Below is a sampling of the types of writers we have on deck.

Critically acclaimed writer Bill Dietz is a New York Times bestselling author, with over 50 published novels under his belt.

Jonathan Maseng has written for LA Weekly, Newsday, and the Jewish Journal, among others.

Shanon Lee is a journalist, activist, and filmmaker whose work includes pieces in ELLE, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.

In the senior writer camp, Chelsea Terris has attracted the attention of Hollywood with her first play and has a feature film pending.

Our junior writers include Melia Grasska, who graduated summa cum laude from UCLA, with a degree in English Literature.

All our writers, no matter the level, have been vetted through our interview and training process. With our large pool of professionals, finding a ghostwriter has never been easier.

When a storyteller is ready to begin working with a ghostwriter, we send matches based on locality, availability, and suitability. We always look to find a writer who can make a connection with the storyteller, whether through hobbies, interests, education, expertise, or even language.

“I was looking to find a writer who spoke Vietnamese since English was not my parents’ first language. Ari, the sales rep, took the time to find a writer specific to my needs.” Galen Dao

Once a match is successful, our writers communicate directly with the storyteller to schedule the interviews. The editor checks in with both parties along the way, and once the interviews are complete, the editor assists the customer in reviewing and approving the writer’s table of contents and first and final drafts.

“Our writer Alex was incredibly professional and produced a phenomenal collection of my father's stories. This was a gift for my father, but it will be something that our entire family will treasure forever.” R Mitchell Ermentrout

Whether you want to tell your own story or gift a book to someone else, working with a ghostwriter is a great way to finally get that story on paper. Story Terrace is the leading ghostwriting solution, with professional writers who can interview you from the comfort of your own home.

To learn more about what we offer, sign up for our newsletter, or request a writer match for hand-picked suggestions.


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