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Interview With a Writer: Rhiannon Hart

Get to know our ballet-loving, Australian-born Writer of the Month

Senior Writer

Rhiannon Hart is a novelist and biographer. Before turning her attention to writing full time, she worked in marketing communications in the publishing industry.

Rhiannon is a history buff who has been fascinated by family histories ever since learning more about her own — she descended from Cornish and German ancestors who arrived in Australia in the nineteenth century and great-grandparents who lived in India during the British Raj.

Originally from Melbourne, Rhiannon now lives in London.


ST: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

When I was 14 and started writing fan fiction for my favorite TV shows at the time (Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Xena: Warrior Princess). At university I started writing original stories and then enrolled in a professional writing course and published my first novel in 2011.

ST: Whose biography would you most like to write?

My fellow Australian, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

ST: What surprised you most about working for Story Terrace?

How honest and open people can be with a complete stranger and welcome you into their home, and how time flies when you’re hearing about people’s lives. Everyone truly does have a book in them.

ST: What is the most memorable story you've told as a writer?

One that was very painful for the client to talk about but helped her immensely to get down on paper. I like to imagine that every book I work on with Story Terrace gives people value and perspective, but with some I can feel it happening, and it’s wonderful.

ST: What is your biggest fear?

Not backing up my work [on my computer] and losing it!

ST: Consider your life story. What's the name of the chapter you're in right now?

She Falls Down. I’ve just started learning figure skating!

ST: What's something that people would be surprised to learn about you?

I play a lot of video games set in space when I have the time.

ST: If you hadn't become a writer, what career would you have right now?

A dancer and then a choreographer would have been so much fun. I used to do ballet from age 3 to about 12, and I’ve always loved to dance.

center, kneeling on right

Rhiannon at age 9 during a ballet performance in 1993. Rhiannon is fourth from the right, kneeling.


ST: What is your most treasured possession?

My passports. I love to travel and belong to both the UK and Australia.

ST: What fictional character do you most identify with?

Ellen Ripley from Alien. I also would have gone back for the cat. Also, she’s awesome.

ST: If you could have been born in any time or place, what would you choose?

The Regency would have been fun, but only to visit as I’m very fond of toothpaste and vaccines.

ST: Who is your hero?

Jane Eyre. Life throws so much at her but her sense of self and her kindness are never shaken.


Lightning Round!

ST: Introvert or extrovert?


ST: Morning lark or night owl?

Morning lark

ST: Paperback or e-reader?


ST: Vintage or modern?


ST: City or country? 


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Written by Elizabeth Trach

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