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Interview With a Writer: Carole Richardson

Carole is a seasoned reporter with a nose for news

Premium Writer

Carole Richardson is an NCTJ qualified journalist with a long career as a reporter and ghostwriter. She got her start as a newspaper reporter at age 18 and wrote for the Sheffield Morning Telegraph, Yorkshire Post and Lancashire Evening Post. She later turned freelance for the freedom to work on magazine features and ghostwriting books. Her first foray into ghostwriting for Simon & Schuster was a Sunday Times bestseller.

Today Carole lives in Lancashire, Northern England. She enjoys spending time with her family and her beloved cat, Oscar.

CaroleRichardson_bridesmaid (1)Carole as a rather nervous looking bridesmaid in Yorkshire, England  in 1964

ST: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

When I was 10, after being paid fifty pence (a fortune!) for getting a poem published in Princess Tina magazine. I was a child scribe!       


ST: Whose biography would you most like to write?

Right now, Dragon Den's Sara Davies dad,  to prove to her that she made a mistake not investing in StoryTerrace. (Bit cheeky, I know!)


ST: If you were writing a StoryTerrace book of your life, what would be the title and why?

Born Nosy! I have always been intrigued by what drives people and makes them tick.


ST: Describe StoryTerrace in 3 words.

Important Stories Immortalised


ST: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

My eldest sons wedding in July going without a hitch. Fingers crossed!


ST: What is your biggest fear?

Coronavirus, at the moment.


ST: What trait do you admire most in others?

Honesty and kindness. Sorry, I know thats two.


ST: If you hadn’t become a writer, what career would you have right now?



ST: What is your most treasured possession?

A shell my youngest son found and gave to me on a beach in Portugal after Id been looking at an extortionately priced similar one in a nearby shop.


ST: Who are your favorite writers?

I love Marian Keyes early stuff (Rachels Holiday and Watermelon), and am a  huge fan of the way Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies) effortlessly weaves such apt psychological insights in her books. More recently, Im enjoying Sally Rooneys Normal People.


ST: What fictional character do you most identify with?

Bridget Jones! I’m much older than her, but still equally scatty at times.


ST: What is your motto?

I cant claim credit as  my husband first quoted it, and its become a bit of a family joke mantra: "Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe."  Apparently its an old American proverb.


CaroleRichardson_wedding (1)Carole with her husband John on their wedding day in 1988


Lightning Round! 

ST: Morning lark or night owl?



ST: Truth or dare?

Truth, every time.


ST: Summer or winter?

Summer, but not too hot.


ST: City or country?

Country, but close to a railway station for a quick exit when necessary.


ST: X-ray vision or time travel?

X-ray vision.


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Written by Elizabeth Trach

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