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Writing your life story? Four more book covers to inspire you

We have so many incredible book covers and 'life quotes', we had to share some more. Behind each of these covers is a remarkable story.

You have a story that needs to be told as well - whether it's your own, or that of a loved one. We hope these covers inspire you to tell it!


Alan Robbins
Reflections at 80

alan robbins

"Over the course of my life, I have found that, even after achieving material and professional success, your family and the wonderful friends you make along the way are ultimately the things you will value most. My wish for you is that you cherish the people most important to you, as these relationships are what will sustain you for the rest of your days."



Angela Belli-Infante
Left-Handed Scissors


"Many times over, I could have let myself drown beneath the pain striking my body, but I forced myself to shake it off and climb ... there have been many small victories that make the mounds of dirt worthwhile: my wedding day, graduating from college, hearing the news that I was officially cancer-free, enjoying beautiful meal after beautiful meal with my family. I have learned how to shake off the dust and grow stronger with each and every obstacle." 



Bud McJunkin 
In God's Hand


"I have been very blessed throughout my life with the hand of God reaching for me, even when I didn’t recognize it. Many times, God’s hand has protected me. He has watched over me as a child, as a young man, as a professional, a newlywed, a father, and now as a grandfather. His hand has blessed me in work and been upon me in relationships. His hand has certainly led me. His hand has saved me, and despite all of me, His hand has wrapped itself around me and loved me."



Nina and Martin Rosenzweig


"Our lives have been dedicated to surrounding ourselves with children and grandchildren that would carry on the traditions we believe in so strongly. First and foremost is our faith in the teachings of the Torah. We cannot survive without integrity, selflessness, and honesty.We conveyed to all of you the importance of a good education and the ethic of working hard to achieve your goals. Above all we hope we were able to make you all feel loved, protected, and cared for, because then we will have succeeded in accomplishing what we set out to do."


Written by Story Terrace

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