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9 reasons your parent will love writing their biography

Unsure if Mom or Dad will like your biography gift idea? Here's why they'll love it, and how we have you covered if they don't.

One thing we know: a Story Terrace biography makes for an unforgettable gift. Something else we know: it's not unusual to be apprehensive about your loved one's reaction–especially if it's a gift for your mom or dad. 

To put your mind at ease, here are nine reasons why they will simply love this gift, and our zero-risk solution if they don't want to go ahead.

1. Dedicating a biography to your parent will make them feel special, cared for and worthy

However stoical or self-sacrificing your mom or dad is, deep down everyone wants to feel that they've made a positive impact, and that they are loved. Gifting your parent a biography sends a strong, supportive message, one that says their story is worth listening to and preserving. Sure, they might protest at first -

"Why did you spend all that money?"

"What's so special about me?"

But as it dawns on them that you want them to record their story–that it matters to you and your whole family–the gratitude, respect and appreciation that you feel for them will hit home. Queue lump in throat.

2. Your parents care about your heritage too

Most biographies aren't just about the story teller–they're about family history and heritage. How did grandma and grandpa grow up? Where did they all go on vacation? What was a big family meal like?

This stuff is important–it's what makes us who we are. As one customer told us recently, "knowing your past shows you where you are going". Your parents will understand the value of their children and grandchildren knowing their heritage and carrying it forward for future generations.

3. It's the perfect meaningful gift for parents who already have everything they need

When it comes to getting Mom or Dad a gift, you’ve probably exhausted the usual suspects: restaurant gift cards, spa services, tickets to a show. And who can forget the year of the family group photo? (With matching denim button-downs, naturally.) But when it comes to a major milestone, you’re probably looking to share a more meaningful gift with your parents. 

That’s where a biography comes in. It’s a unique gift that truly stands out from the crowd—rest assured that you’ll be the only one coming to the party with the idea. It's the perfect gesture for a parent's birthday, retirement or wedding anniversary. (Yes, we can make a book about Mom and Dad together, if you're wondering!)

4. It's not just a book - it's an experience 

Which is more important, sharing experiences or more stuff?  We all know what we're supposed to say–but with Story Terrace, you don't have to choose. Your loved one's experience of creating their story with a writer will be just as amazing as receiving their finished books.  

For many customers, sessions with our writers are the highlight of the whole gift–they really look forward to each interview. Some of them have even become firm friends, staying in touch long after the books are completed.

5. A project might be just what they need

The experience doesn't have to stop when your writer goes home. If Mom or Dad want to, they can make it into a new hobby. You might find them engrossed in old photos, digging up childhood journals, or even jotting down thoughts to share during their interviews. 

If they're way too busy for all that or it's not their style, our writers will get more than enough material from the interviews. But for some parents, a project is just what the doctor ordered (we're talking retirees who haven't quite figured out how to take a day off). 

6. It's a bonding moment for the whole family

Picture this: your whole family laughing together over old stories long forgotten, and new ones uncovered for the first time. It's not unusual for that to happen throughout the book creation process–and from what we hear, long after as well.

“I recently gave a book to my grandma about her life story for her 86th birthday,” said Story Terrace customer Ozge Ozcer. “To me, it was an amazing experience to learn about a powerful woman whom I've always simply known as 'granny'. The happiness and gratitude on her face when she first received her gift was just beyond words.”

7. It's a rare moment for self-reflection

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.” The immortal words of Ferris Bueller. He has a good point. Most of us get so consumed by daily routine, family obligations and work that we neglect to take a moment to reflect on our life, the things we’ve accomplished and the people that we’ve touched along the way. 

Working with a writer to coax out those moments of self-reflection is priceless.  In fact, creating a book and giving events a beginning, middle and end is one of the most important benefits of biography writing. It gives your parents a “big picture” view of their lives.

8. Writing a biography might just be good for their health

A biography gives your parents a chance to tell their version of events to a loving audience who cares. That's medicine within itself: according to Psychology Today, “Every time you tell your story and someone else who cares bears witness to it, you turn off the body’s stress responses, flipping off toxic stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine and flipping on relaxation responses that release healing hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, nitric oxide, and endorphins.” 

9. We will do everything we can to make it work for your loved one

If all else fails, we're here to help. Need us to talk to dad on the phone to win him over? No problem. Need some extra help ensuring we have the right writer in place for Mom? Just ask. Need your writer to tread carefully around a sensitive topic? We'll make sure it goes smoothly.

It's unusual for gift recipients to decide against writing their biography with us, for the simple reason that we do everything we can to make it work for you and your family. 

No dice? We have you covered

One final reason you don't need to worry: if your mom or dad doesn't want to go ahead, we have you covered. If you decide to cancel before work starts on the project, we'll refund you with no questions asked. Check out our T&C's for full details.

Ready to give your parents a gift that’ll last lifetimes? Reaching out to  Story Terrace is the first step. We'll connect you with a qualified writer who will make the biography writing process as convenient for your parents as possible—including interviewing them in the comfort of their own home. 

For more details, sign up for our newsletter, or contact us today.


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