6 Tips From Marie Kondo to Declutter Your Past

Take inspiration from the de-clutter guru in order to write your story

“To put your things in order means to put your past in order, too.”
We couldn’t agree more, Marie Kondo. The Japanese author and organization wizard sparked a tidying phenomenon of decluttering and organizing through her infamous book,
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. But the organization virtuoso’s lessons go far past simplifying your belongings. It’s about decluttering your life in all aspects, learning to let go, and simplifying. And sparking joy doesn’t just happen in your home space.

There’s a fascinating correlation between organizing your physical belongings and the drastic impact it has on your mental well-being. The KonMari Method is actually applicable to decluttering your past. Writing your biography helps you discover lost memories, categorize your experiences, and as a result, celebrate your life. By weeding through your past adventures, you’re Kondo-ing your way to a decluttered, fresh slate.

A’la Marie Kondo, here are the six ways writing your biography can clean up your emotional baggage.


1. Make sense of your life narrative

Your life story might feel like a huge jumble of the good, the bad, and the life-changing. When you start to declutter your past, your life story can unravel into a really, really good story. Everyone has their unique story—you just have to sit down and make sense of yours.


2. Discover lost memories and past experiences

As Marie Kondo says, “From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life. As a result, your life will start to change.” Sifting through your past is no small feat. Like going through old books, taking a trip down memory lane might just make you discover memories you’ve hidden away for years. When you start writing your biography, experiences you’ve had buried away come to the forefront. And trust us, it’s worth writing about.


3. Categorize your memories

Debatably the most important element to tidying up is categorizing your items. Like identifying your miscellaneous belongings, categorizing memories can bring absolute harmony to your life. By fine-tooth-combing your adventures and experiences, you’ll be able to compartmentalize each section of your life—and your book.


4. Declutter your past

“The process of facing and selecting our possessions can be quite painful. It forces us to confront our imperfections and inadequacies and the foolish choices we made in the past.” Marie Kondo emphasizes that going through our baggage—literal and emotional—can be a difficult thing to confront. When you write your story, every incredible and foolish experience can come up. Sifting through these experiences can help you make sense of your life, for good.


5. Connect your past with your present and future

“Attachment to the past and fears concerning the future not only govern the way you select the things you own but also represent the criteria by which you make choices in every aspect of your life, including your relationships with people and your job.” The KonMari Method focuses on attachment and letting go in order to make room for your present belongings. Letting go and accepting your past can make way for your present and future self.


6. Celebrate your life

“Not only you, but your things as well, will feel clear and refreshed when you are done tidying.” Marie Kondo couldn’t be more right. Going through your life and writing it out can be therapeutic. By talking to someone about everything you’ve gone through, sorting it out, and letting go of the not-so-fun stuff, you’ll feel recharged. Your mental well-being will seriously thank you.


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up can help us declutter our entire lives. Ready to get deeper? Schedule a free consultation for you or a loved one to start decluttering your past and writing a biography!

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Written by Chiara Mingione
Image credits: by Simson Petrol

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