Aging Parents? Record Their Life Story Now

Ever wish you could document every story from your parents’ lives? As your parents reach their upper age, each birthday is a gift within itself. All of the stories, adventures, and memories they’ve told you seem to become more significant as we grow older. The moments when you’re able ask your parents to retell a story aren't always going to be there. Rather than let those stories disappear forever, capture and record them on paper to create a beautiful book that will live on for years to come. By giving your parents access to a professional ghostwriter who will listen, write, and publish their stories, you’ll be giving them a gift that lasts forever.

Here’s why a gift like this is something to consider right now.


1. You might just learn something important

While your parents will enjoy the opportunity to be immortalised on paper, you and your children might learn a thing or two. Giving your parents the gift of writing down their adventures can actually be a gift to you too. It will give you a better understanding of your parents’ lives, which will allow you to appreciate what they've been through. It can also make you prouder of where you came from and give you insight into your own personality, health, and habits. Plus, parents’ memory is as good today as it ever will be, so the sooner, the better.

Your children will gain a new appreciation of their grandparents, as well. Oftentimes, grandparents are just “old” to younger generations, out-of-touch people who don’t understand and couldn’t possibly have been young once. Having your parents share their stories helps break down the generational barriers, positioning your parents as real people who once had their first kiss, first job, and struggled to find themselves. Better understanding their grandparents will help strengthen their bond—and increase respect.

2. Your parents will feel celebrated 

Do any of their friends have their own book? By matching your parents with a professional writer (thanks, Story Terrace!), their star status will instantly rise. People who write their biographies have expressed a deep pride in themselves and their final book, sharing it with friends, family, and so many others.

 “The fellow who interviewed me for many hours truly captured my ‘voice,’ and the finished product seemed to know me better than I know myself!” one Story Terrace customer said.

3. It’s the gift that keeps on giving

A well-written memoir takes time to get just right, and time is of the essence. Your parents will look forward to multiple story-recording sessions at home or wherever is most comfortable. The step-by-step process of writing, as well as setting a goal and working toward it, is a gift that keeps on giving.

“[Our writer] was able to build our story into a comfortable, conversational narrative and guide us to bring out long forgotten details,” another customer said. “Our grandchildren read our story and are delighted to learn details of their ancestors ... whose memories we have preserved.”

The bond between your parents and their writer will continue to get stronger with each session. Your parents will go for a trip down memory lane, unearthing specific details that may have been buried for years. It’s an emotional journey that many before have found incredibly rewarding.

4. Leave their legacy

Sure, your parents may be turning 80, but that’s really just a number when you consider the number of experiences, romances, trials, and tribulations they’ve experienced in their lifetime! All those moments—both happy and sad—deserve to be recorded as a lasting legacy. They’re what make your loved ones who they are. Writing down their stories helps them recognize their sacrifices and triumphs, but also their quirks, humor, intelligence, and kindness.

As we get older, birthdays become more and more precious, gifts that should never be taken for granted. Don’t regret not giving them a gift you know they’ll love. Celebrate your parents’ next milestone with something that should be celebrated: life! For more information on how to gift Story Terrace to your loved one, click here or sign up for our newsletter.




Written by Julie Bensman
Image credits: by Katarzyna Grabowska

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